On a hot and sunny day in Sacramento last September we set the direction of our lives for the next year or two.  We made a deposit on a pop-up truck camper. With it and an as yet to be purchased pickup truck, we will travel from The Land of Fog (Pacifica, CA)  to Ushuaia, the southern tip of South America. We’ll stop along the route to experience the local culture, cuisine, and handicrafts.  Birdwatching and photography will be our major “occupations.”

We have been seriously investigating the feasibility of such a trip since last June. Because we want to be as independent as possible, we made the decision to drive rather than flying in and relying on public transportation. With the decision on mode made, we then had to decide on method. The vehicle would have to be small so that we could stop along the side of the road. We wanted to be self-contained so that we wouldn’t have to find lodging every night. The obvious choice was a campervan or truck camper. We finally decided on the camper when we found one with a toilette and shower – a mobile motel room sans bedbugs.

In addition to a bathroom the camper has a forced air heater, two-burner stove, refrigerator and a sink with hot and cold running water. The water is supplied from a 30 gallon holding tank.

In the quest to be as independent as possible, we ordered our camper with a solar panel. We should be able to live “off the grid” as long as the sun shines and food and water holds out.

Dave & Chris, October 2015