October 15 – 22, 2017

Cusco Peru

We left our overnight stop in Limatambo and headed to Cusco. Although there was a light drizzle and fog crossing over another Andes pass, we were doing fine until we got to the outskirts of Cusco.

On the northwest outskirts, Google Maps tried to send us down a one block street to get to the Don Bosco road, a major thoroughfare which we wanted to use to go up into the foothills for our planned campground. Only one small problem: The one block street had put up barriers and only allowed small cars to enter; hence, not us. Which left us scrambling to find a way out of the historic center of Cusco with its narrow one-way streets and dead ends.

Long story short, we ended up damaging our passenger rear camper jack in a narrow alleyway. Then when we arrived at the Quinta Lala campground 1 hour later (1500 yards uphill), the gates were locked and caretaker wasn’t in. So we sat in truck, stewed and waited. Finally she arrived and we entered.

So this week has been largely spent with us waiting around in the campground for a mechanic, a metal worker and an electrician to show up. Because although they say 8am, they might show up at 11am. But as of Saturday the 21st, we have a re-vamped metal bracket to hold the jack in place and an electrical jack that works.

Miguel (L) the mechanic and Eduardo the electrician.

After visits by repairmen, we have walked downhill into the historic center of Cusco and visited the ever-present Plaza de Armas, the Cusco Basilica and the Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesus.

We have also visited the local Starbucks several times to use their wifi since the campground’s wifi is off half of the time.

Weather has been cool, rainy and drizzly in the afternoons with temperatures dropping down into the high 40’s at night. It hailed one afternoon so we dodged into Starbucks again.

After our sightseeing and wifi work, we have topped off with a late lunch at restaurants in the historic center before taking taxis back up the hill to the campground. We have discovered fine cuisine has arrived in Cusco as well as Lima because of the high tourist influence. One afternoon, one waiter, after the lunch crowd had cleared out, tutored us on where grown, how made and which Piscos are the best.

On Sunday, October 22, we were in the campground because it was Peru’s Census day and there was a curfew from 8am – 5pm. Even tourist are subject to curfew and shouldn’t be on roads unless one has applied and received a special waiver. It’s raining off and on so that was ok.