Santa Elena, Colombia – May 7

Late April 2017 and early May 2017 blog update:

We have been using the time while waiting for a new care package from my Sister to re-charge and relax. (Package was delivered to owners’ uncle’s house in Medellin and which they delivered up to us in good shape. No losses and no damages.)

This campground has electricity, a separate well-equipped spacious kitchen so I’ve been using it for our combo lunch/dinner preparation and cooking and hot showers so this has been a great place to park ourselves for a month. (Most campgrounds have some type of shower but cold water – especially in lowlands.) While cooking I get to talk to fellow Travelers. So far, there have been several Argentinian couples, several French families, a Swiss/Czech couple, a German older couple our age that are on their second trip through S America and because this is a Hostel as well, mostly Colombians.

Our caulking job didn’t stop the leaks, but the two young men campground owners let us ‘borrow’ their handyman. And was he handy. He bought a fiberglass repair kit and climbed up on roof, patched ALL the holes after removing solar panels, re-installed panels and then used a different type of silicone caulk. And that, after seven days of sometimes heavy rain has done the job. Thank you Ricardo. We are indebted.

We have made a few more trips down the mountain into Medellin. Once to a southwest favela (slum) where the local community has installed a series of six escalators up through their community. Then along the escalators and on the landings they have decorated with murals. Once to Parque Explora – a type of science exploratorium with a great aquarium and the Jardin Botánica.

Yesterday we were driven down to the upscale neighborhood of Poblado for me to get a haircut and to visit a large supermarket. And was it large. Reminded me of US super supermarkets. I went slightly crazy buying specialty cheeses, salamis, canned goods and bakery items. Then had to find a place to stash them in the camper. The local tienda has a surprisingly large selection of food items but caters to locals needs.

May 4th was our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We took the two owners, David and Daniel, to a local gourmet restaurant to thank them for all their help during our stay to celebrate.

Tomorrow or soon we will be leaving this ‘home away from home’ and heading south once again. Will keep you posted.


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