Panama City – March 3

Editor's Note: According to WordPress statistics few people are reading this blog and even fewer are clicking on the photos - some of which have informative captions. Given the depressing numbers this blog will go on hiatus with this post and return as a pure photo blog.  Stay tuned.

anton-valley-to-panama-city-panama-google-mapsWe made it to Panama City, our last stop in Central America.  From here we ship our camper to Cartagena, Colombia.

The map is not entirely accurate.  We traveled from El Valle (“Anton Valley” on the map) to a place about 40 km NW of Penonomé before heading to Panama City, but google maps doesn’t know about the road.

Bad new first: On Friday morning as we were leaving our hotel’s parking garage our solar panels were ripped off by the low ceiling.  We were able to get into the garage with only a small amount of trouble, but the geometry differed on the way out.  Needless to say we are livid with the hotel, whose employee told Chris “no problema” 4 times when she asked if our camper would fit in the garage. And he told her to go to the top level of the garage – the only place in the garage where the damage could have occurred.

OTOH, after airing down the truck’s tires to get out of the garage (and then airing them back up) we went into the belly of the beast – the Panamanian bureaucracy – and came out unscathed.  We had to get the truck inspected (morning) and get a release from one the police agencies (afternoon).  The process went a lot smoother than we expected based on other travelers’ reports.

The day before, Thursday, because both our vehicle temporary import permit and vehicle insurance expired 4 days(!) before we were due to surrender the truck at the port we had to renew both of them.  The insurance renewal was a PITA. (The government of Panama, in its infinite wisdom, grants a 180-day tourist visa but only a 30-day temporary import permit (TIP) for vehicles. If the TIP expires big fines are due.)

Panama City looks great from a distance.  On closer inspection there’s Panama City Skyline from Casca Viejo, the colonial city.not much to like.  It’s another traffic congested sauna bath with a heat lamp.  (The lamp gets hotter the farther south we travel.)

To the photos!




5 thoughts on “Panama City – March 3”

  1. Beautiful shots, which you earned, judging by the difficulties you both have been experiencing. As far as not having many hits on your blogs, I can say the same about mine. For me, my blogs are more for myself – I kept a daily diary for over 30 years, then trashed it when I got divorced. But that urge to note and archive parts of my life is still there. Columbia….may your journey be smooth from here-on-out. Oiga – tienes cuidado, o.k.?


    1. Thanks for the note.

      Chris is keeping a detailed diary of our travels. All I really want to do is share the incredible places and things we see. Without the need to use photos as descriptions of our travels I will be posting fewer but better quality images. At least that’s the plan of the moment.




  2. Hi Chris and Dave, I read every single blog and look at every single picture several times and go back to read and view again. I haven’t signed in to comment, so I don’t know if your counter is counting people who view the blog without signing in. Anyway, I have loved reading about your travels and seeing the pictures as I slog my way to another tax season. Love, Jane


    1. Jane,

      Thanks for taking the time to write.

      As I envision the blog’s evolution each photo will have a caption that provides more information than just where the photo was taken.

      Another idea that I’m kicking around is to create a simple e-mail list for travel updates.

      Sorry about tax season. Chris is enjoying her freedom.



  3. Hi Chris,
    I am pretty sure this is not the way to contact you since you are “on the road”, but since neither Jim nor I are smart enough to figure out what “Word Press” is, I thought I would give your email a try.
    Anyway, we just wanted you both to know that we have avidly been following your adventures, written and pictures. We have gasped with the problems and cheered with the your discoveries.
    All the time concerned with your safety. Dave’s comment that no one was watching worried us. With or without the blog we will continue to send you our love and prayers for your safe return.

    Kent Blanche & Jim Duane


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