El Valle de Anton – Sunday, February 19

boquete-panama-to-anton-valley-google-mapsSince we left Boquete on the ninth, we’ve seen a fair bit of western Panama. We’ve alternated between the mountains and the lowlands (hot, humid, buggy – what’s not to like?).

We’re currently camped on a large lawn behind the Windmill Hostel in El Valle.  It’s a nice place, but it turns into party central on the weekends.  El Valle (1,800′) is in the bottom of a caldera.  It has a nice climate for being located at under 2000′.

The landscape in southern Panama is nothing like we thought it would be (jungle).  It looks a lot like the drier parts of California, specifically the foothills.

In Santa Fe we had an encounter with the famous sand fleas of Panama.  The person who invented hydrocortisone cream should get the Nobel prize for medicine.

Being out of the US (aka Trumpistan) has one advantage.  I don’t have to replace televisions that I throw things at.

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2 thoughts on “El Valle de Anton – Sunday, February 19”

  1. I love the map…. much easier than my going on the computer and trying to find out where you are! Thank you for that… 10 days just driving around Panama!!! The caldera town sounds wonderful…looked at the bakery there…wonderful German offerings…better than anything I’ve found in the Bay Area!!!!!!!!
    I think I told you I got to spend one day in Panama.. We had a bus ride and a visit to the museum before going back to the ship and entering the canal the next morning…(before dawn)… Panama City was much different than I expected. (I had had one student at Pacific Hts. from Panama!)


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