Playa Dominical – Sunday, January 22

The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand.  --Unknown
This blog post is being written (partially) on a gorgeous morning in Playa Dominical in a hammock next to the beach.  (It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.)
Last Tuesday morning we hired a guide and toured Manuel Antonio National Park.  It is the most visited park in CR due to the presence of easily seen mammals (monkeys and sloths) and beautiful pristine beaches. Our guide, a former bank employee, was about our age but, like most guides, had almost supernatural vision and hearing.  He spotted creatures we would never have seen – even with our binoculars.
We left Manuel Antonio after the tour and headed for Hacienda Buru for some South Pacific birding.  We thought we could camp overnight in their parking lot, but were told we could not.  That’s how we happened to wind up at a little slice of paradise known as Playa Dominical.
Our free campsite is in an informal parking lot shaded by palm and other trees.  It’s not uncommon to see iguanas in the trees.
Playa Dominical is popular with surfers; a surfing tournament is in progress as I type.
 And then there are the sunsets.
It’s taken a while, but we’ve settled into the “Pura Vida” lifestyle.  Shorts, T-shirt and flip flops is the uniform of the day. Getting to the next destination is becoming less important.  Watching the Ticos (Costa Ricans) is an enjoyable pastime, and a way to spend a good part of the day.
We’ve met a few Americans who notice our camper and California license plate and want to hear our story.  One was a woman from Michigan wearing a “pussy hat.”  She and Chris commiserated on the subject of the Misogynist-in-Chief. On another occasion a couple of rock climbers from the Denver stopped by for a chat.


4 thoughts on “Playa Dominical – Sunday, January 22”

  1. Looks dreamy! Dean surfed that spot and loved it.

    I’m glad you two are out of the country right now. Must be nice to feel some distance from our current government.

    Happy Trails to You!



    1. Kinkani,

      Thanks for the note. Yes,we are happy to be far from Trumpistan. The locals cannot understand how he was elected.

      We just arrived in Pro. Jimenez. I don’t know yet how much of Corcovado we’ll see.

      Did you see the Emperor Goose at the golf course?

      Best to Dean.

      Dave & Chris


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