San Jose, Costa Rica – December 29

Do you know the way to San Jose
I've been away so long
I may go wrong and lose my way
Do you know the way to San Jose
I'm going back to find some peace of mind in San Jose

--Burt Bacharach

We spent a week in San Jose, capital of Costa Rica. It doesn’t seem to have changed significantly since our visit 23 years ago.

The weather was great with low humidity and no rain.

Our hotel, SleepInn, is next door to the Hotel del Rey – the most famous brothel in Central America.

The day after Christmas, Boxing Day, we watched some of the horse parade. It’s reputedly the largest in Central America.  It goes on for 6 hours.

We had our semi-annual teeth cleaning done by a dentist with an office in a large hospital.  As was the case in Mexico, the cleaning took no more than 20 minutes.

Chris was able to fill a prescription at the hospital that she’d been trying to fill since Mexico.

We ate Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant, something we often used to do when we traveled during the Christmas holidays.

Feliz año nuevo!

Images of San Jose


3 thoughts on “San Jose, Costa Rica – December 29”

  1. Hi Chris… I’ve been in Costa Rica twice…but am not recognizing anything in your pictures. …and not remembering much!… One time we took a boat out to an island for a BBQ and to go swimming… The other time I took a bus trip around the countryside…and out to San Jose. I visited a church there… and can visualize it…but can’t think of any outstanding features to mention to you. You spent a whole week there…. I was there for half a day.. I did like being in Costa Rica!! I bought a cane there…it’s over by my bedroom door…I liked the wood… and I bought a lot of coffee to take back to my friends as Christmas gifts…it was great coffee!! I love reading your descriptions of the towns and the things you are seeing… Happy Travels!!! Erika


  2. Dear Christine & Dave – What a year you guys have had! Loved all your posts and especially your photos, Dave. They’ve inspired Craig & me throughout your journey and, of course, we hope we can do the same someday — shorter ones though. Keep them coming. Christine, we’ve missed you! (I hope this email reaches you — I’ve tried to send comments to your previous posts using wordpress, but was kicked back). Warm hugs & Happy New Year! • • • Lila Lee Media Solutions 415.665.1077


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