Santa Elena, Costa Rica – November 26

Thinking of getting a couple of T-shirts printed that say “WE SURVIVED OTTO!”  The serious effects seem to be limited to the Caribbean  coast near the Nicaraguan border.  We had a lot of wind and rain, but we haven’t seen any damage.

We finally got some good birding in today with Freddy, a taciturn, keen-eyed guide. We got looks at 43 species, and about 20% were lifers.

Bird of the Day: Blue-crowned Motmot (lifer)

This morning’s bird walk

Monteverde Orchid Garden

The vast majority of the collection are cool growing orchids that require a magnifying glass to see the flowers.


A troupe of coatis makes regular visits to the back door of the hotel’s kitchen.  The women who work in the kitchen feed them over-ripe bananas.

Our hotel sits on the rim of the canyon that is pictured at the top of the page.  In addition to coatis, other wildlife swings by to see what’s on offer. Like this White Faced Capuchin.

On the other side of the canyon is the Ecologica Santuario.  Very few people visit it, and it gets no publicity in Santa Elena.  Perhaps if more people knew about the waterfall…

Larger version here.

The day before the hurricane we visited Selvatura Park, basically some developer’s attempt to Disneyfy the rainforest.  We chose the “activity” of 8 hanging bridges that traverse the park through the canopy. We thought we’d see birds that hang out in the canopy, but we had no luck.  Could have been due to the maniacs riding the nearby zip line (“World’s Longest!!!”) while screaming their heads off.


That’s all for today, folks.  Seeya down the road.











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  1. Love, the waterfall…looks like that boulder on the right might soon join the one at the bottom!!! Wondering how you were making out with the hurricane. Lots of new birds!!!!! Erika

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