Punta Arenas, Costa Rica – November 18

“Punta Arenas is not a pretty place.”  –Christine Krenzel

We’ve been in Punta Arenas since early yesterday afternoon.  We checked into the Hotel La Roca del Mar.  In a word, a dump.  But the A/C turns the room into an ice box – Chris appreciates that – and the WIFI is adequate.

To the photos!

Parque Nacional Barra Honda

We made an unplanned stop here.

We boondocked (free camped) at the town’s park

The town’s name is Colorado.  It’s tiny. What we didn’t know when we parked was that the local high school marching band used our location for practice. The drum section was 15′ from our camper.  And they practiced for hours.

An estuary near Punta Morales

…and the nearby forest

Punta Arenas