Liberia, Costa Rica – November 12

Adios, Nicaragua.  Hola, Costa Rica.

We spent our last night in Nicaragua in San Juan del Sur, a beach town on the Pacific coast. Kodak, the photography god smiled on me and let me photograph a beautiful sunset –

Sunset, Playa del Sur


The border crossing both out of Nicaragua and into Costa Rica was gruesome.  We paid a guide on each side of the border to help us through the process.  The whole thing is a scam.  There are no signs or any kind of written instructions, in Spanish or English, to let you know where to go and in what order. The buildings are not labelled. Without a guide and without being fluent in Spanish the process would have taken hours longer.

And then there’s the Costa Rican currency, the colón. The exchange rate is 550 to 1 US dollar.  ATMs dispense 10,000 colónes notes.

Leon, Nicaragua

Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado

To say the mangroves were teeming with birds and other wildlife would be the understatement of the century. In the late afternoon we got to watch day-old Ridley turtle hatchlings being released.

San Juan del Sur