Granada, Nicaragua – November 10

Don’t blame us, we weren’t in the country!

Chris woke me at 3am Wednesday morning.  The first thing she said was, “I have bad news (pause).   Trump won.” So I thought to myself, “It’s damn early for a practical joke.” When she told me she wasn’t joking my next thought was, “I’m having a nightmare.” May you live in interesting times, indeed!

Since our last post we’ve seen Granda and backtracked to León, the “intellectual capital” of Nicaragua.  I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Photos from the Nicaragua Butterfly Reserve in Granada

Street Shots

Photos from León to come.

One thought on “Granada, Nicaragua – November 10”

  1. Hello, Chris we sure miss you. Love all the photos of street life. I am amazed that you have been gone so long and still enjoying the truck. I think I would have turned back by now. Sorry we let you down. So man people assumed Clinton could not loose. Surprise surprise.


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