Copan Ruinas, Honduras – October 19

Welcome to Honduras, murder capital of the world.

“Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

We have literally ground to a halt in Copan Ruinas, the town near the Copan archaeological site.  The grease packed into the front wheel hubs in Chichicastenango, Guatemala drained out.  The driver’s side front wheel ground to a halt in the driveway of the El Bosque Hotel where we had just arranged to camp in the parking lot. Fortunately for us, a taller (garage) was less than a block away.

Getting the mangled wheel bearing out of the hub was one comedy of errors after another.  At one point an arc welder was used in an attempt to free a stuck chisel. Then the hunt for replacement parts began.  A maniacal tuk-tuk driver (who spent 10 years in Westchester Co, NY) almost killed us – the mechanic and I. Long story short, there are none in the town.  The garage that’s doing the repair will try to find the parts in San Pedro Sula (180 km away) on Monday.

**UPDATE** – The truck parts arrived some time on Tuesday.  They were installed early this afternoon (Wed) between a lull in rain showers. The parts didn’t include wheel hub grease caps so the garage made their own.  American mechanics would probably cringe if they saw how the work was done (I did), but it got done. The cost of the work was a fraction of what it would have cost in the US.

There won’t be any photos with this post due to dismal wifi.