San Marcos la Laguna – October 8

We said adios to Antigua on the 4th and headed west to Lago Atitlan.  On the way we refilled our nearly empty propane tank.

Once off the Pan American Highway the road deteriorated badly.  It was the worst paved road of the entire trip from Pacifica.  On the way down the long and steep hill to the lago I smoked the breaks.  We had to wait 90 minutes for them to cool off. The toll collector at San Pablo la Laguna told me the entire road would be replaced early next year – maybe.

Our campground is in Passaj Cap, a bluff on the outskirts of San Marcos la Laguna. It has a gorgeous view of 3 volcanos on the far (south) shore. It is owned by a Frenchman who divides his time between Paris and Lago Atitlan. He told me he spent almost 30 years developing it – most of the property has rental apartments.

Chris and I are both recovering from nasty colds.  

On Wednesday morning we ate breakfast at a restaurant that’s just a few yards from the lake.  The view of the lake and the volcanos was indescribably beautiful. Lago Atitlan has to be one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth.

2 thoughts on “San Marcos la Laguna – October 8”

  1. It truly is a surreal place! What road did you take? The roads aren’t great, but I don’t remember anyone that bad. I guess you just get used to it. The lake makes it worth it though. We have a women’s group in Santa Clara la Laguna not far from you on a bluff overlooking the lake. It is just above San Pablo la Laguna. Did you come down that really impressive switchbacks. Santa Clara is where it starts!

    Enjoy! How long are you planning on staying?



    1. Kay,

      We came down the switchbacks. There’s no getting used to that road. In spots, large section of the asphalt is missing and the foundation is eroding away. The road hasn’t seen any maintenance for years. We’ve left the lago and are now in Chichi for the Sunday market. Also getting our brakes worked on.



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