October 3 – Antigua, Guatemala

Adios, Antigua.

Last Saturday was our sixth month on the road.  In 6 months we’ve seen Mexico and are still in Guatemala.  At this rate the trip could take 6 years instead of the planned 3.

Earlier today we finished our 3rd week of Spanish school.  We’re at a level in which we can read a newspaper and get the gist of the stories.  Conversing is still a big challenge.

We had dinner 2 Sundays ago at La Fonda de la Calle Real Restaurante.  Chris sat in the same spot that Senor Bill sat in when he visited Guatemala.

The local bus system uses recycled school buses (called “chicken buses”) from the US.  (See pics below.) There’s a lot of corruption involved in the bus system.  See https://newrepublic.com/article/113293/900-bus-drivers-dead-guatemala-city-worlds-most-dangerous-job for the grisly details.

A few days ago I stopped at a barber shop around the corner from where we’re staying for a haircut and a beard trim.  Cost was $5.33.

Watching presidential campaign of Trump from afar is both fascinating and nauseating.  It is beyond bizarre that Trump is the standard bearer of “the party of Lincoln.”

Tomorrow we leave Antigua for Lago Atitlan

Last Saturday I took a tour of a few of the nearby villages.  Chris stayed in the room with a nasty cold – which my immune system is now attempting to fight off.

Street shots from Antigua