Antigua, Guatemala – Tuesday, September 13

Stopping in Rio Dulce (DOOL-say) was a spur of the moment decision.  Our guide at Tikal told us he was from there, and highly recommended the boat trip to Livingston on the Caribbean coast.

Our route from Tikal to Antigua took us close to Rio Dulce so Chris strenuously suggested we stop.  And there were a couple of air-conditioned hotels there.

As things turned out we didn’t take the boat to Livingston.  First of all the temperature and humidity were off the chart.  The boat captain wanted US$120 for an 8-hour tour.  So we left.

The drive from Rio Dulce to Antigua was no picnic. Bad roads, slow trucks belching black clouds of diesel fumes and near gridlock in Guatemala City – and we took the “bypass.”

Thanks to the iOverlander app we found a secure place to park – in the Policia Turismo parking lot.  We can stay for 7 days.  A donation is expected when we leave.