Campeche – Wednesday, September 7

Run for the Border

We put almost 500 km on the odometer getting to the border of Guatemala at El Ceibo, Mexico.  Which is not in our map book.

The Mexican highway department, in conjunction with Google Maps (GM), had one last surprise for us. We came to a road junction outside the last major town before the border.  The road to the right was signed “Camino Cerrado” (Road Closed). No probema, the other road, according to GM, would take us to the border.  It tooks us to a one-lane dirt road. At that point we were still some 50 km from the border.

We did a U-turn and returned to the junction.  As we were making the turn we noticed a couple of policemen frantically waving at us. As it turned out they were trying to warn us that the road was closed because a bridge was out. There was a way around the bridge.  We were given a state police escort to the road that took us past it. The road was probably the worst road we’ve driven in Mexico.  There were more potholes than road.

True to form, there wasn’t a single sign in town with directions to the detour or a warning about the bridge.

By the time we got to El Ceibo the aduana (customs) office was closed. A stop at customs is required to cancel our vehicle’s Temporary Import Permit so that we can have our $400 deposit refunded.  We also have to turn in our tourist cards.

Unable to park in the aduana parking lot we found a lot that advertised parking for MX$20 a day.  Our cost: MX$40.

In other news:

The camera shop in Mexico City where I left the Olympus body for repair finally came through and had it delivered yesterday.