Campeche, September 5

Change of Plan

It dawned on me yesterday that we’ve become quasi vampires.  Because of the heat and humidity – especially the humidity – we only venture out of our air-conditied hotel rooms in the early morning or the evening.  We’re seeing more of our hotel rooms than the country.

The climate of southern Mexico is too much for us.  We’re throwing in the sweat- soaked towel and heading to the mountains of Guatemala.

We had an oil change done at the Ford dealership in Campeche.  They charged us about 3x what we’re used to paying in Pacifica, Estados Unidos.  When we picked up the truck I mentioned that the oil change was expensive.  The reply was, “That’s Mexico.”

Campeche at Night

2 thoughts on “Campeche, September 5”

  1. Love these pix…. of course, you know I like the architectural ones best. Are these with your good camera? I read where you have it back finally… that’s good.
    And now you are in Guatemala…. (What date did you actually start out? I’ve lost count… ____ days in Mexico??)
    I’ve notified Kay Sweeney that you are now in Guatemala… she spends a lot of time there..I don’t know if she’s receiving your messages… Jerry is in Hawaii…so don’t know if he’s getting them right now either…
    Bon voyage, again… Erika


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