Campeche, Thursday, September 1

There are a couple of impressive buildings at Edzna. The most impressive was directly in front of the sun.  I did get a nice portrait of an iguana, however.

But there is good news to report: I’m getting my Olympus camera back from the shop in Mexico City.  To pay for the repair and shipping I had to go to a bank and deposit money in the shop’s account.  Why couldn’t I pay with a credit card or Paypal?  It’s Mexico.

The climate in Campeche is brutal.  According to AccuWeather the temperature is 90F but it feels like 107F!  I don’t understand how people can live in such a climate. We are happily ensconced in the deliciously air-conditioned Hotel Gamma. We have a good-sized balcony with a nice view of the ocean, but no patio furniture.  The hotel probably thinks nobody wants to sit outside. In our case they are absolutely right.

Photos from the Mayan ruins at Edzna

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  1. Dave, I always enjoy your travel notes & photos.

    Chris, I decided to join Harmony Fusion Chorus in Hayward. They have two members in Alameda who give me rides. They have 16 Leads as well. The director is Barb Vander Putten.

    Note my new gmail address. Comcast stopped sending.

    Your friend, Amelia

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