Calakmul, Wednesday, August 31

Downed TreeOur visit to the Mayan ruins at Calakmul hit a snag – actually a toppled tree across the road.  We tried to move it to no avail.  I got out the hatchet and started whacking.  Hopeless.

The morning wasn’t a total bust.  Calakmul is also a reserve, and a big one.  As we were driving toward the ruins I saw an animal in the road about 50 meters ahead.  At first I thought it was a dog because we had seen a dog in the road the day before. And the light was bad.  Chris handed me the binoculars and I got a good half-second look at a large jaguar strolling into the forest.

Other wildlife sightings were Agouti, Grey Fox, King Vulture, and Wild Turkey – lots of them. (None of the linked photos were taken by me.)


Another day of bad road. We put 336 km on the odometer, but it seemed like 336 miles.  Mexico seems to have abandoned the idea of road maintenance. The MO seems to be let the road deteriorate to the point where it’s no longer viable.  Then tear it up and start again.  Rinse, lather, repeat.

Got to the Mayan ruins at Edzna in the late afternoon.  Camped just outside the gate.

Bird of the Day: Great Curassow (life bird)