Palenque, Chiapas, Tuesday, August 23

I checked the dehumidifier we left running overnight in the camper.  There was at least a pint of water in the reservoir.

Flagged down a collectivo to visit the Aluxes Ecoparque, not far from our hotel.  The park rescues wild animals and is restoring habitat.  It’s also a sauna with animals.

When we were ready to leave the same collectivo that dropped us off was, it seemed, waiting for us.  We went to Don Muncho, a nearby “Mexican-Italian” restaurant that is highly recommended in Lonely Planet. My pasta pesto dish hinted at basil.  Lesson learned: Don’t eat at Italian restaurants in Mexico unless the owner/chef is Italian – as was the case in Morelia.

As we were walking down the driveway to hail a collective for the ride back to our hotel, the same one showed up.  We assumed a tracking device was somehow surreptitiously attached to one of us.

Bird of the Day: Grey-necked Wood-Rail (imm) (life bird)

Trip Bird: Social Flycatcher, Black-bellied Whistling-Duck