Palenque, Chiapas, Monday, August 22

Palenque!  What is there to say except “Wow?”

I’ve seen pictures of Palenque for years, ever since we planned our first trip to Mexico back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We finally made it.

We hopped on a collectivo on the road outside our hotel and got to the ticket booth (US$3.60/pp) a few minutes before it opened at 8am.  There was only one couple ahead of us – one of the benefits of traveling independently.

Palenque seems to have been carved out of the jungle.  Of course, nobody really knows what Palenque looked like back in the day. Certainly none of the trees growing on the site at present were alive when it was abandoned around 800 AD.

We walked downhill through the forest to get to the museum, which we found out is closed on Mondays.  Our hotel was 400 meters away, but we were so tired and hot that we flagged down a collectivo.

Back at the hotel Chris headed to the pool.  When she returned to the room she said it was like bathwater.

We went into the town of Palenque to use the WIFI at the air-conditioned Italian Coffee Co.  But it was so slow it was just about useless.