Las Nubes, Chiapas, Friday, August 19

We decided to take a walk through the forest to a mirador (view point).  The trail sign indicated it was 800 meters away.  There and back would be about a mile.  An hour and half later we staggered back to our camper and collapsed in a dripping heap. (Actually, Chris had the stamina to walk 100 yards to the restaurant to fetch a couple of cold drinks.)

We got a late start, so the air temperature was warm. And the humidity made its presence known. The trail started out level but soon began a series of steep uphill climbs.  By the time we reached the mirador we had probably climbed 500′.  And the view from the mirador wasn’t all that impressive! The trail back wasn’t much easier.  The “steps” were rocks of all sizes and shapes – most of which are covered with rotting – slippery – vegetation. Thank the gods we had the foresight to take our hiking poles with us.