Chiapas, Wednesday, August 17

San Cristobal de las Casas to Lagunas De Montebello   Google MapsDestination: Lagunas Montebello, an area in SE Chiapas with over 50 lakes. Some are known for vivid coloration.

We stopped for lunch at Lago Esmeralda.  There was a large parking lot bordered by at least a dozen comedors (food stalls).  We chose to eat at the one closest to our camper. After a nice lunch we asked for the bill.  The woman who did the cooking went into a hushed discussion with her assistant.  The bill – 220 pesos – was at least 100 pesos more than it should have been.  This was the first instance of “tourist price” we experienced in Mexico.

Camped for the night by Lake Tziscao – $5.55.

Bird of the Day: Spotted Sandpiper  (trip bird). Seen at Lago Bosque Azul.

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