Chiapas, Thursday, August 18

Destination: Waterfall at Las Nubes

Woke to a drizzly and foggy morning. Our route took us close to the Guatemalan border.  The forest was noticeably denser.  We drove past fields of bananas and pineapple  along with coffee growing in corn fields. The small towns we drove through did not look impoverished. On the contrary, the children were obviously well-fed and well-dressed.  Commerce appeared to be thriving.

On the road to Las Nubes, we met a guy riding a motorbike who told us he worked in Las Vegas for 15 years.

The temperature at Las Nubes (elev 285 meters) was somewhere in the low 80’s, but the humidity made it feel at least 10 degrees hotter.

Took a short walk to the “cascada” that’s next to the restaurante.  It looks nothing like the photo in the ejido’s brochure. (An ejido is a group of families who communally own and manage land.)

After the exploratory walk we retreated to the camper and the fans.

Bird of the Day: Scarlet-Rumped Tanager. Trip bird, previously seen in Costa Rica.