MONDAY, August 15

Took a guided tour with the company Alex & Raul to 2 local indigenous towns.  At San Juan Chamula we were taken into the former Catholic church.  A religious celebration was in progress.  The church was filled with incense, and there were candles everywhere.  A live chicken was about to meet his maker. No photos were permitted! The belief system of the nominally Catholic inhabitants is beyond bizarre – polygamy for example.  The only Catholic ritual they permit is baptism. Catholic priests have been banished from the town since 1969.

Most of the inhabitants earn a living by raising corn and vegetables.

Our guide told us that a short time ago, the mayor and 5 other municipal employees were lynched because the mayor cancelled the annual M$7,000 (about $390) annual handout/election bribe. And during a peaceful protest the mayor’s bodyguard started shooting at the protestors.

The second town, Zinacantán, adheres to a more traditional form of Catholicism. The town specializes in growing cut flowers in hundreds of greenhouses. The women’s clothing is much more colorful than that of San Juan Chamula.

San Juan Chamula


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  1. Dave: how can i send you money for you to buy me one of the beautiful scarves in the last picture of todays pics? Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    1. To be honest, I don’t have a clue. What they’re wearing are not scarves, more like a shawl. But they’re hand made for personal use. I didn’t see any for sale in the market we walked through. If I do find one, or something similar, I’ll buy one and send it to you.



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