San Cristóbol de las Casas

SATURDAY, August 13

With the buggy La Hacienda Hotel Trailer Park in our rear view mirror we spent the morning in the National Park above the Sumidero Canyon. The park has built 5 miradors (view points) that overlook the canyon. One is closed and one is a 700 meter walk downhill to the mirador.

The highlight was finding and photographing (from a considerable distance) a wild orchid blossom – probably a species of Cattleya.

Then it was up (2,117 meters) to the cool mountain air in San Cristobal de las Casas (SCDLC). Temperature was in the low 70’s when we arrived in the early afternoon.

We “camped” in a gravel parking lot 5 blocks from the center of town.

Chris found a restaurant on Yelp that specializes in local cuisine. Our lunch was good. When we received the bill the retired CPA audited it and discovered we had been overcharged by almost $20.

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