TUESDAY, August 9

We left Overlander Oasis and Santa Maria del Tule around 8:30, probably for the last time.  Our destination: Hierve el Agua.  The name translates to “the water boils.”

The boiling water (it doesn’t boil it bubbles) comes from underground springs over-saturated with calcium carbonate.  As the water flows downhill and over the cliff, it deposits some of the mineral content.  After thousands of years the result is what looks like a waterfall (from a distance), but it’s actually rock.

The plan was that I would get 3 opportunities to photograph the site: late morning when we arrived, late afternoon, and early morning.  The late afternoon was aborted due to thunderstorms. I did shoot the next morning, but with just a couple of exceptions warm morning light was a no show.

Around 8pm an hombre with a walkie-talkie showed up at the camper to collect the camping fee – M$40/person or slightly more than US$4/night.

Hierve el Agua

Cascada Chica is the “waterfall” with the pools.  It’s not possible to reach the top of Cascada Grande – we tried.