That’s a lot of bull

SUNDAY, August 7

We spent Saturday night boondocked in Yanhuitlan next to the plaza.  After dark we heard a lot of band music.  It turned out to be a corridos – more about that later.

We woke up to another dreary day.  We headed out to see the remaining two Dominican churches. Neither was in as good a shape as the one in Yanhuitlan.  The church in San Juan Bautista Coixtlahuaco was undergoing extensive renovation.

After the church visit in Coixtlahuaco we headed back to Santa Maria del Tule.  But we didn’t know if the highway was still blocked by the teachers’ union protest. The alternate route would add a lot of time to the trip. I asked a bus driver in town if the highway was open.  Si, abierto (open).

Once back in del Tule we wandered over to the plaza.  The owner of the RV park told us there was going to be a celebration with fireworks.  We got to the plaza at 6, the corridos started at 7:30.  A corridos is a parade that anyone can march in.  When it left the plaza Chris suggested that we join the crowd.  I thought the parade would go around the block and that would be it.  We left it after an hour.

The main event in the corridos was a contraption  that looked like a bull.  It’s carried on the back of someone and it has fireworks attached.  Every once in awhile the corridos would stop and the fuse on the bull would be lit.

During the corridos, people in the crowd with bottles of mezcal offer free shots to the marchers.  For unlabelled mezcal it was pretty good.