SATURDAY, August 6

Woke to another dreary, drizzly day in Latuvi.  Pulled out of our parking space and ever so slowly made our way to the highway.

Our first destination was the newly opened Zapotec ruins at Atzompa.  To be honest, they looked like all the other Zapotec sites we’ve seen.  The site had a great view of most of Oaxaca City.

Based on a recommendation in the Lonely Planet guide we decided to investigate the Dominican monasteries to the NW of Oaxaca.  Within 3 km of the highway turnoff we ran into a teachers’ union roadblock.  No vehicles were being allowed through.  So we followed the traffic off the highway through a muddy field to a dirt trail that merged into an overpass.  Across it was a Pemex station with an entrance that was just a few yards north of buses the teachers’ union were using to block the highway. Heckuva way to attract supporters to the cause.

Once in Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán it was obvious a party was in progress.  We found out later it was to celebrate the town’s patron saint Santo Domingo de Guzman.  Part of the celebration was a food fair.  We sampled a couple of dishes: squash blossom quesadillas and a goat plate that came with soup.  All good.  Also bought some candy that looked like fudge but was made from a fruit that looks sort of like an apple.  Tasted like very sweet apple butter to me.

Fed, we walked up a small hill to the church.  Ginormous!  Rather plain on the outside, but gorgeous inside.  While taking photos I was accosted by a young man who insisted the art behind the altar was a fraud.  Why? Because the statue of Socrates was holding a bound book. An anachronism to be sure, but “fraud?”