SUNDAY, July 31

Toured the Zapotec ruins at Monte Alban.

The next day, Monday, we went to Guelaguetza.  It’s a celebration of indigenous cultural life.  It takes place in a huge amphitheater on a hill overlooking Oaxaca. I don’t have many photos as I was concentrating on video – which takes way too long to upload.

On Tuesday we went back to Oaxaca.  We visited the cathedral and the attached monastery – now a museum.  We took a guided tour of the ethnobotanic garden behind the museum. We made a fruitless search for a spare battery for the camera, and finished with a tour of the textile museum.

If it’s Wednesday it must be Mitla.  The town is south of Oaxaca and is famous for it’s wool carpets.  It also has a  Zapotec archaeological site.