Two items dealing with our truck camper:

  1. We managed to reattach the camper’s window.  One of the latches on the inside seems to be broken, but we can live with that.
  2. We drove to the Ford dealership in Oaxaca (wa-HA-ka) and made an appointment for next Monday to get the brakes worked on.  If not for Google Translate on Chris’ iPhone I might still be at the dealership trying to explain why I couldn’t leave the vehicle overnight.

Today was errand day.  We had our propane tank filled, visited the Ford dealership, and bought groceries and other stuff at one of the 3 Walmarts in Oaxaca. Then we tackled the camper’s window.

Driving in Oaxaca is not for the faint of heart.  Traffic is heavy and chaotic, topes (speed bumps) are everywhere, and there are a few large potholes that could do serious damage.

Jaime, the troubador

Walked the 2 blocks to Santa Maria’s main street for dinner.  Teenager who waited on us grew up in Los Angeles.  Jaime, a strolling musician, played 4 tunes for us for just over $5. He was an ok singer, but a pretty good guitar player.  He told us that he lived in Santa Monica for many years.  It seems that the majority of Mexican men that we’re able to talk to worked in the US (the SF Bay Area in particular) – some for decades.


The Car

I saw this car when coming out of the Walmart in Oaxaca.  It’s a Nissan (!) of all things.