MONDAY, July 25

Hired a taxi for two hours for US$14.  Took it up to the hill with the view of Puebla we saw on the Turibus on Saturday.  The air was crystal clear then, but not on Monday.

Ate lunch at Las Ranas, a restaurante mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide to Mexico.  The house special, according to Lonely Planet, was a taco arabé (spicy meat).  It was good enough that we ordered another after finishing the first one.  But I wouldn’t make a special trip for it.

Taxi’d directly to Plaza San Diego and settled in at the Italian Coffee Company to use their WIFI.  Still very warm in the mall.

There is one downside to staying in Cholula.  Some Mexicans seem to be addicted to sound of large firecrackers.  They sound like bombs going off.  The cacophony starts around five in the morning and goes on intermittently all day, peaking again around 10 at night. On the other hand, no barking dogs and no roosters.

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