SUNDAY, July 24

Went to the church built on top of the world’s largest pyramid by volume.  The only reason we climbed the hill – a long steep hill – was to photograph the snow-capped volcano across the valley – Popocatepetl.  Unfortunately the air quality wasn’t so good.

Our next stop was the pyramid and a walk through a 1200’ tunnel – not suitable for claustrophobes. There was no signage in the tunnel so we didn’t learn an awful lot.

We walked to a nearby church we had seen from the top of the pyramid.  It was huge.  A mass was in progress so we didn’t go in.  From there we walked to a church near the RV park where, we surmised, we might have a view of the church on top of the hill and the volcano in the background.  No such luck, gringos.

Across the street from the church with no view was a carnitas stand.  Four cemitas (sandwiches) and two beverages set us back US$3.60.

We walked to the Plaza San Diego mall for some internet time.  The day being Sunday the mall was packed.  The WIFI was dismally slow, the children’s playground was packed with screaming ninos, and the temperature in the mall was sauna-like.