FRIDAY, July 22

We tried to go out for breakfast at 7:30 but found the RV park’s gate locked.  So we waited until 9 when the large gate was supposed to be open.  It wasn’t.  Chris fetched the owner who let us out.  Adios, San Juan Teotihucan de Arista.

Our destination was the Trailer Park Las Americas in Cholula, near Puebla. Puebla has a population of 2.1 million and is Mexico’s 4th largest city. Cholula has the world’s largest pyramid by volume.  With some effort we found the park.  It supposedly has WIFI, but it was nearly useless.

The owner wasn’t around, but “would be back in an hour.”  We’ve heard that before.  We decided to go to the Costco in Puebla to find a P&S camera to use while our Olympus is being repaired in Mexico City.  (Thanks, Mike Wong for the suggestion.)

The Puebla Costco is just like every Costco we’ve been to in the US, right down to the sub-$2 all beef hot dogs.  Yes, I ate one. And it was good.

The camera selection process was fairly simple – there was only one P&S camera (Nikon P610) with a viewfinder on the display counter.  When we went to pick it up, the only P610 in stock was one that was returned, and items were missing from the box.  The Costco employee suggested the display model.  Deal, hombre.

Back to the RV park.  Chris met the owner who gave her a password for a WIFI network that as far as we could determine doesn’t exist.

Walked a few blocks to a shopping center with a KFC and a Pizza Hut.  We went into PH and asked if they had WIFI.  Si.  We ordered a pizza and tried to log on.  Nada.  Pizza wasn’t bad though.

Back at the RV park I found the owner and ever so politely complained about the WIFI.  He pleasantly showed us the only place, a few square meters, in the park with reception.