Mexico, Day 8


We trekked 18 km (2 Metro lines and a taxi) across town to the camera store that repairs Olympus cameras.  The good news is that the tech inspected the camera and pronounced it repairable.  The bad (really bad) news is that just getting the parts from the US takes a month. (We won’t be hanging out in Mexico City for a month.  The store will ship the repaired camera to us.)

From the camera store we walked down the street to a Walmart.  I was looking for a couple of short sleeve shirts.  The store’s selection was pathetic.

Taxi’d back to the Metro station (Barranca del Muerto) and went to Chapultepec Park, otherwise known as Bosque de Chapultepec. It is reputed to be the largest urban park in the Western Hemisphere.  We made a beeline for Chapultepec Castle which hosts a “National History” museum.  Up until we got into the castle I thought we were going to a “Natural History” museum. Entrance is free for folks over 60.

We weren’t allowed to bring water into the castle.  At the Frida Kahlo museum we could bring water, but no hats allowed.

The castle’s interior was beautiful with some great exhibits, but the view of the Valle de Mexico from the grounds was stunning.  We really lucked out.  The air was crystal clear and the cloudscape was fantastic.  What a day to be without my camera!  All pics were taken with an iPhone or iPod.

Tomorrow we return to San Juan Teotihuacan de Arista to pick up the camper and drive to Cholula/Puebla.  Probably won’t be any blog posts for a few days.

I am really going to seriously miss the WIFI in this hotel.  It’s wicked fast.  I suspect the hotel has a fiber optic line because I saw an ad for one at another hotel owned by same company.