Mexico – Day 7

TUESDAY, July 19

Felt the hotel shake this morning aroung 8:30.  Found out later there was a 5.0 earthquake south of Mexico City (MC).

Went to the Friday Kahlo Museum this morning.  We took the Metro then walked about 20 minutes.  There was quite a line of people waiting to buy tickets.  We waited for 45 minutes to get to the ticket booth.  The tickets were being sold to a few people at a time, I suppose to limit overcrowding in the museum.  It didn’t work.

Tickets for adults cost M$120, for seniors M$15. Chris snagged the senior tickets.

Frida was a unique individual and an unconventional artist.

When we left the museum the line was 3 times as long as it was when we arrived.  That means about a two hour wait! I had no idea that Frida was so popular.

On the way back to the Metro we stumbled into Cineteca Nacional, an institution that celebrates film. The building is spectacular.

On the way back to the hotel the LCD screen on the back of my camera became damaged.  We spent the rest of the day in an attempt to find out if Olympus has a service center in MC.  The short answer is no.  We did find an independent company that repairs Olympus cameras we think.  We have to take the camera to them tomorrow, which means we will be spending an extra day in MC.