Mexico City – Day 3

FRIDAY, July 15

Today we tackled the Museo Nacional de Antropologia – or it tackled us. We were able to visit 5 of the 23 rooms before throwing in the towel.

We took the Metro, crowded as always, to the closest stop and walked about half a mile to the museum.

For being built in the early 60’s, the building isn’t showing its age.

(More below the photos.)

When in La Paz we tried sushi for the first time in Mexico – a total disaster.  Today was quite different.  Tori Tori is in a fashionable area of the city. The restaurant has no sign and no street number.  Just a black door with a menu in tiny type. The sushi was the equal of what we consider to be the best sushi in the Bay Area, American Sushi House in Pacifica.

Out for an evening stroll:

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  1. David, I look forward to your Travel Notes every day! I love your images! They are so varied and capture whatever you and Chris are doing at the moment. I feel like I am traveling right along with you in your back pocket. I think my favorite are the ones of the colorful people, doorways, signs and street shots

    Keep snapping! Faithful Follower, Kelly

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