Mexico City – Day 2

THURSDAY – July 14

We’re staying at the Historico Central Hotel. It has the fastest WIFI, by a wide margin, that we’ve had in Mexico. It also has the best included breakfast of any hotel that we’ve ever stayed in.

First stop this morning, a few blocks from our hotel, was the Catedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad de México in the Plaza de la Constitución, better known as the Zocalo.

Photo from the web. The entire Zocalo is occupied by massive tents making this kind of shot imposible. 

Photography is forbidden in the cathedral.  So the first thing I find on the web are photos taken inside the cathedral!

The first thing that I noticed on entering the building was the amount of ornamental gold. I don’t know what’s more valuable – the real estate underneath the building or the gold.  The place is impressive and depressing at the same time.  From what little I know of the New Testament, Jesus wouldn’t have been caught dead in the place.

Then it was on to the Palacio Nacional. Near the entrance we were accosted by a well-dressed older gentleman who offered his services as a guide.  Jorge (George) Nava Martinez was an economist who married a girl from Wisconsin and lived in Mill Valley (of all places!) for 15 years.  He was an excellent guide and gave his opinion (extremely negative) of the current government and, in particular, the President.

The highlight of the tour were Diego Rivera murals.  Senor Martinez gave excellent interpretations of Rivera’s thought processes as he was painting the murals.  Rivera and Frida Kahlo, his future wife and a great artist in her own right, became friends while he worked on the murals.


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  1. More likely on the steps outside w the money changers. You are reminding me of my visit in 1975. All of it was shocking & awesome to the young me. Thanks for the impressions Deborah

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