Mexico City – Day 1


Mexico City is a monster.  On the bus ride ($2) from San Juan Teotihuacan de Arista, we noticed that the hillsides miles from downtown were carpeted with dense, multi-colored housing. The streets of the Historica Centro are crowded with people; reminds me of Manhattan.

Yesterday the woman who owns the RV campground told us to take the bus to a particular metro (subway) station.  According to her, the main station was too big.  We’d have to walk a long way to get to the right train.  We took her advice but when we got into the station it was huge, multi-leveled and packed with people.  The only way we found our way to the line we wanted was to ask security guards or at information booths.

The first notable thing we saw in Mexico City was hundreds of police in riot gear.  There was a demonstration, completely peaceful, that concerned the 43 students who were murdered a couple of years ago.

We accomplished two things: found a camera store where I bought a lens cap to replace the one I lost weeks ago, and took the Turibus, a hop on/hop off tourist bus, through central Mexico City.  Because of the traffic, the tour took 3 hours. See pics.

After passing the demonstration we stumbled into a parade of dancers:

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  1. My other computer is in for repair due to Windows 10 inserting itself and making a mess of things.. so I am using my XP desktop!!! thus…not many contacts lately. I’m very interested in your comments about Mexico City. When I stayed in Cuernevaca…a bit south of Mexico City…for three weeks to study Spanish and live with a “family”…I took a field trip to Mexico City on the weekend. I went out to the “pyramids”! The temp was horrendous, they dropped us off at one end and we were expected to traverse to the other end by a certain time to be picked up by the bus. I was not walking well, even then… so it was a horrible experience… but I DID get to see them!…IN MC..we stayed in a hotel right in the center of town..on that main plaza. Across was some sort of military establishment and they came out marching in the morning…I think cattycorner was the big church that they were digging under to reveal previous layers of city! We also went to a museum…Every day there were speakers and protestors in the central plaza…and a political parade with flags going down one street. I was glad I did that field trip as it was my only chance to actually SEE Mexico City.
    I imagine you will be visiting Cuernavaca…I loved that little city… It had a lovely zercalo… Happy travels!!! Erika


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