Adios, Sierra Gorda


We’re parked in a grass field near a hotel – Hotel Hacienda Venta de Guadalupe.  A wedding reception is in progress.  The band is belting out the 80’s disco hit “YMCA.”  We suspect the music will go on until the wee hours. It did, until 2 am.

Today’s drive from Tiloca (we spent last night parked across the street from the church) to Omitla was a marathon. We got on the road at 7:30 and pulled into the campground at 4:15.  There was no straight section of road more than a few kms in length, and there were just a few of those.

We stopped for “breakfast” in Super Carnitas “Victoria.”  I don’t know if Victoria is the owner’s name or the brand name of a beer.  We each ordered 3 tacos.  They were so good we each had 2 more.

Our route took us through country that few foreign tourists see.  We traversed an area that we’re calling “Switzerland of Mexico.”  At one point tree ferns lined the rock wall for several kms next to the road; the opposite side was a sheer drop off.  Much of the land is home to indigenous people.  Corn is planted on nearly vertical hillsides right down to the edge of the road.

Our campground is at 6,400’ and is delightfully cool.  Seems like we’ve been sweating since we left San Miguel de Allende. Our Mexican camping guidebook informed us that the place had a restroom, hot showers and a restaurant.  The restroom is the bathroom of an unused and musty motel room.  The are no hot showers or restaurant.  The book was last updated in 2009.

We left the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve behind and will be in the Parque Nacional El Chico tomorrow.

The last thing we did in the Sierra Gorda was visit the 3 of the 5 Franciscan-built churches:

A few photos from our marathon drive from Xilitla to Omitla (near Parque Nacional El Chico):