SUNDAY, July 10

I checked the truck’s tire pressures before we left. All were a bit low.  I used the portable compressor (bought specifically for the trip) to top them off.  Every Pemex has “aire” but they don’t all work, or work well.  And the tires are hot when we pull into a gas station; I prefer to add air to tires when they are cold.

First order of business was finding a Pemex station.  When paying for the gas our Visa card was denied for the second consecutive time at a Pemex station.  It’s accepted with no problems everywhere else, and at most Pemex stations.  Perhaps Pemex and Visa are having a dispute?

We wandered around the town of Real de Minas, a former mining town known for Welsh pasties.  We didn’t try one.  We left when the town became overrun with day tripper tourists.

We drove further up into the mountains and camped in another grass field in the Parque Nacional El Chino.  Cost is just over $7.50/night.  There’s no charge to enter the park, but concessionaires control parking and camping areas.

We’re learning that our 3-way (propane, house electric, 12V) refrigerator does not function well on propane at high altitudes (we’re well over 6,400’) or in cold weather. This does not bode well for the Andes! Today we had to switch it from propane to battery power.  That’s fine when the sun is overhead, but it really drains the battery at other times.

Real de Minas:

Parque Nacional El Chico: