FRIDAY, July 8 (Xilitla)

We’re in Xilitla (I don’t know how to pronounce it.) to see the surrealistic garden of the Edward James:

The natural beauty of Xilitla inspired eccentric English artist Edward Jamesto create Las Pozas ("the Pools"), a garden in a subtropical rainforest just outside the town of Xilitla. It includes more than 80 acres (32 ha) of natural waterfalls and pools interspersed with towering surrealist sculptures in concrete. James' objective was to create a "Garden of Eden" at Las Pozas. A foundation now owns and operates Las Pozas which is open to the public.[8] Edward James house, near the centre of Xilitla is known as El Castillo and is now a hotel.

We went  to Las Pozas and found it to overrun with tourists.  Plan B was to retreat and return the next day before the gate opens.

There are no established campgrounds in this part of Mexico.  We looked for the sign “campamento” which denotes a place to camp with no services.  We couldn’t find one so we looked for a hotel.  The problem in a mountain town is parking – there isn’t any.  Fortunately we found a small hotel – the Hotal Aurora – with two parking spaces. Impeccably clean rooms with A/C and wifi! The owner, a pleasant middle-aged woman, speaks no English but communicates with Google Translate.

Photos of Las Pozas: