SUNDAY, June 26 (San Miguel de Allende)

This morning we taxi’d to the small town of Atotonilco, 15 km from San Miguel de Allende.  The attraction is the Santuario De Jesús Nazareno de Atotonilco, otherwise known as the “Sistine Chapel of Mexico.”  (See pics below.)

We arrived in Atotonilco an hour before the church opened at 10.  Found a pop up restaurant serving gorditas.  Gorditas are the perfect street food because everything can be made at home.  The only thing the cook has to do is shape the tortillas with a hand press and cook them quickly on a grill.  There’s usually at least a dozen fillings to choose from. We had 3 for a total of $2.50.

*See Editor’s Note below the photos.

(None of the interior shots are particularly sharp.  The church was very dim.)

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