TUESDAY, June 21 (San Miguel de Allende)

Due to a medical issue – nothing too serious – that has been bothering me for a while, we’ll be staying in SMA for another week, possibly longer. There are worse places to hole up.

Hiked to Fabrica La Aurora today. It’s an old  textile mill that was once the major employer in SMA. Free trade, ironically, caused it’s demise in ’91. It’s been converted to art galleries and restaurants – very upscale.

Forget to mention we took a food tour on Saturday. The guide, Eric, was informative not only about the restaurants, but the history and politics of SMA as well. Highlights were Peruvian and Yucatecan restaurants and the best fish tacos we’ve had since Baja – actually, come to think of it, the only fish tacos we’ve had since Baja.

One of the places Eric took us to was the second oldest cantina in SMA. It has one table and four bar stools. A previous owner was a Marilyn Monroe aficionado. The current owner found no reason to take the dozens of Marilyn photos off the walls.

Photos in chronological order that I took today while out and about: