MONDAY, June 20 (San Miguel de Allende)

The Los Locos festival ended – we thought – with a fireworks spectacular.  We got to see it from our camper as we’re parked just a block away.  We thought that the fireworks show would be the end of the party, but the music kept going after we were asleep.

We read a lot of superlatives about SMA’s botanical garden – El Charco de Ingenio – so we taxi’d up the hill this morning.  The garden is a bust, unless you like 50 different species of non-flowering nopales – prickly pear cactus.  (Our timing was off. The garden is in full flower in April.) But the cañon is a completely different story.

In the photo at the top of the page, you can see a crumbling 16th century aqueduct the spaniards used to bring water from the spring-fed canyon to the city.  There is also a dam built in the early days of the twentieth century to feed a water mill.  The reservoir behind it is slowly silting up. The ducks don’t seem to care.

For lunch we returned to “Hecho en Mexico” a restaurant that is ironically filled with gringos, ex-pats mostly it seems. The food is scrumptious.

From the looks of the sky, it appears we will miss the full moon summer stolstice – not seen since 1948.  As this is a once in a lifetime event…

For your viewing pleasure:

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  1. Hi Dave and Chris (“wanna be” Mexicans),

    Loved your photos of San Miguel de Allende – wish we were there. If you have a chance, get a taxi to see the home of Pedro Vargas – he was a famous 1950’s popular singer. The home is on a hill overlooking San Miguel de Allende, and is next to a lovely forested small park, and a monastery with a great view.

    Thanks for showing us all of your adventures. We love it!

    Jerry y Alicia


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