Chariots of the Gods

SATURDAY, June 17 (San Miguel de Allende)

The “Los Locos” festival starts tomorrow, but the party has already begun. We’re parked a block from a church that seems to be party central.  The fireworks started at five this morning!  The church bells have been going for the last five minutes.

Yesterday was a busy day.  We took a tour to Cañada de la Virgen, a pre-Hispanic archeological site some 25km outside of town.  The tour guide was an ex-pat American archeologist from Baton Rouge, LA who helped excavate the site. (Pics to follow.) The architectural and astronomical achievements of the inhabitants are nothing short of astounding.  As the guide said, it’s easy to understand why the alien contact theory has so many believers.

In the evening we took a taxi up the hill to El Mirador (vista, viewpoint) to photograph the church – which is lit up every Friday.  The sunset, which didn’t look promising when we arrived, suddenly lit up.  Note the green and red colors in the upper left of the photo.  If you know what this phenomenon is called, please let me know.

We had our laundry done for the first time.  It’s been a while since we did it ourselves so there must have been about 15 lbs of it.  We left it in a bag outside the camper in the morning.  At about 6 in the evening, an hombre knocked on the camper door with our clean laundry, all folded in a sealed bag.  Price was less than $10.

Cañada de la Virgen:

San Miguel de Allende: