WEDNESDAY, June 15 (San Miguel de Allende)

We spent a few days (Sun – Tue) sightseeing in Guanajuato (Gto). We taxi’d from Morelia back to our camper in Pátzcuaro, and then retraced the route on the way to Guanajuato.

Stopped at a place on the road with a big banner advertising Barbacoa de Chivo (Barbecued Goat). After two tacos and a bottle of mango juice each ($3.88 total) we were back on the road.

Our route to Gto took us across a couple of shallow lakes. We must have seen hundreds of egrets along with smaller birds that were too far away to id at 60 mph.

Our first choice for a campground near Gto  was closed.  Por que? Who knows?  Our second choice is much closer to the city center. Getting to  it was something of a nightmare. Mexican cities were never built for cars, trucks and buses. The final downhill stretch of road was so narrow and winding that Chris had to get out and stop cars from coming up the road.

The “RV park” is a dirt parking lot for neighborhood cars with 2 RV hookups and bathrooms. It’s definitely the smallest park we’ve stayed in. Here’s a tip: when you ask if the shower has aguas caliente (hot water) and are told “mas tarde” (later) then it probably doesn’t.

In retrospect our second choice should have been a hotel.

The sky was overcast all day, threatening rain. The threat was carried out around 4:30. The sky opened up along with thunder and lightening

Around 6 we took a walk to explore our neighborhood. We walked steeply downhill for a few blocks until realizing we faced an uphill walk – at 6,600′ – on the way back. We turned around and bought a package of tortillas and some cookies at a tiny tienda.

There are a lot of tourists, mostly Hispanic, in Gto. None of them carry a camera larger than an iPhone. I’m beginning to feel like a dinosaur lugging my 2 pound digital camera and lenses around.

On Tuesday we hired a taxi for three hours in the morning ($33) to drive us around Gto on the Panoramica – so named because of the panoramic views of the city from the road. See slide show below.

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Guanajuato is perhaps the prettiest city in Mexico. We were here some years ago and it still impresses.

Tremendous thunder and lightning storm with hail around 6:30. Obviously we survived.

Our “Sunday Brunch” of barbecued goat:

The Hildalgo Mercado:

Street shots:

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  1. I have enjoyed all the photos and posts from David… So well written – makes me feel like I’m there.



  2. I am particularly attracted to your…what I call architectural photos. I love the stores, the side alleys, the churches, etc… the colors are fantastic. Happy travels!!! Erika


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