Lamb. It’s what’s for breakfast.

Editor’s Note: Sharp-eyed readers will notice this post is a repeat.  An experiment with an offline editor went awry, necessitating a repost.

MONDAY, June 6 (Pátzcuaro)

It was a beautiful morning in Pátzcuaro. Temp was in the mid-50’s with puffy white clouds hanging in an azure sky. The uphill walk, at 7,000′, into the center of town took half an hour. By chance we found ourselves at the mercado.  After a few minutes of looking around we sat down at the counter of a stall that served birria de borrega (lamb stew).  

We both ordered a plato chico (small plate) and  were stuffed when we left.

We toured the mercado, mesmerized by the sights, foreign smells and the amount and variety of fruit and vegetables on offer. (See pics below. )

A short walk to and around the central plaza was next followed by a sit down for one of our favorite pastimes when traveling – people watching.

Taxi’d back to the RV park.

Dinner at Rosty Pollo, a rotisserie chicken place not far from the RV park.

We’re hunting, unsuccessfully, for Magnum ice cream bars which we discovered in Baja and found in Guadalajara. The chocolate coating is delicioso. The vanilla ice cream is rich and creamy, unlike the Mexican “ice cream” that tastes like ice milk.

I did some troubleshooting on the less than normal flow rate of our “kitchen” faucet. I discovered that that shower’s flow rate was normal. That information pretty much ruled out a failing water pump. An email to our camper’s dealership suggested the faucet itself might be the culprit. Stay tuned, America.

Pátzcuaro Mercado:

Street Photography:

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