Guadalajara on foot

FRIDAY, June 3 (Guadalajara)

The day started badly.  We were expecting to be picked up for a “Mexican Muralism Cultural Tour in Guadalajara.” But nobody showed up.

So we hoofed it 10 cuadras (blocks) to the Templo Expiatorio, a gothic cathedral that seems wildly out of place in Mexico.  It’s absolutely gorgeous inside. See pics below.

Our next stop was the Museum of the Arts (MUSA). We toured the “Los Modernos” exhibit. Chris is promising to buy a large canvas, throw paint at it and sell it for $10K when we return.

We took a break in a parque and watched workmen lay new sod – badly.  After that we wandered the streets haphazardly in the general direction of our hotel.  Had lunch at La Chata, the packed place we tried to get in earlier. It wouldn’t be worth the wait, imho.

Back to our AC room by 1:30.

The ballet, “El Flautista de Hamelin”, was done very well with excellent musical accompaniment by the Gdl Philharmonic.

If you have questions about any of the photos, please don’t hesitate to post a comment or email.

Templo Expiatorio

Orozco Murals at the Museum of the Arts

Street Photography

3 thoughts on “Guadalajara on foot”

  1. Dave your pictures are fabulous! Sounds like you having a great time. Hope all continues to be all you hoped it would be. I miss you and chris. When you were in the states i could at least talk to you. I sincerely hope your trip is fun and entertaining!

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  2. Hello! Just wanted to let you know since your departure your Notes have become a regular Sunday morning activity for us to enjoy with our morning once a week homemade cappuccinos/lattes, to catch up on your past week’s activities. Thank you for the wonderful posts and photos. Keep them up as a way for us to vicariously enjoy all you are doing “live!” BTW, we’ve also visited Guadalajara and it brought back fond memories of our 4-day stay, which you know was much too short. We really wished we could have stayed longer to truly explore and enjoy more of that area. Now, we’ll enjoy it through you… All the best, Ron and Syndi.


    1. Ron & Syndi,

      We’re happy to hear you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for letting us know.

      Dave & Chris


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