A tale of two cities

THURSDAY, June 2 (Guadalajara)

Today we visited two outlying towns: Tonalá and Zapopan.

We visited Tonalá the last time we were in Gdl.  A H-U-G-E handicraft fair happens every Thursday and Sunday.  We took the local bus to Tonalá, but took a taxi back.  The buses are old, crowded and don’t have AC – a sauna on wheels.

The last time in Tonalá we stumbled on a glass blower’s workshop and I made a nice portrait.  I wanted to do that again with a better lens.  By some miracle we found the workshop but it was closed.

We visited Zapopan to eat at a restaurant Chris found on Yelp and Trip Advisor.  The route we took from Gdl enters Zapopan through a tunnel.  Coming out of the tunnel is like entering a new world.  Gone is the grime, litter and noise of Gdl.

Finding the restaurant took some doing; without the help of a resourceful taxi driver we wouldn’t have.  The meal started out great, the pozole was delicious.  But the rest was just average.

From the restaurant we walked to the basilica and the plaza.  I had an unintelligible conversation with an inebriated gentleman who shook my hand repeatedly.  Taxi back to the hotel with a kamikaze driver who spent quite a bit time in Columbus, OH.

The pix: